Flatty is a free-to-play 2D online social platform for creating, trading and playing with friends!

  • Tony: Hello!
  • twinkle: Ready to build!
  • Mayor: Welcome to Flatty! I hope you're excited to build your own flat!
  • cat: Who wants to go for a swim?
  • SODA: Check out my flat, I'm sure you'll be impressed!
  • pickle132: Woohoo! It's party time!

Dev update #1

When I started with the development Flatty it was driven by my fond memories of the old Habbo version. Never would I have imagined they would release a classic version, let alone as sudden as they did. But they did, and honestly I'm enjoying it a lot.

The day the release of Habbo Origins was announced I was pretty bummed. Would there be a market for Flatty any longer? But as I was playing Origins it occurred to me that it seems that there are quite the enjoyers of social games still! Also, the Flatty community was and is a great pillar of support and without you Flatty would never have gotten to the point it has.

Playing Origins, I'm glad I implemented lots of quality of life features in Flatty that the original Habbo version of our memories, the version we are so fond of, has not.

I firmly believe that Flatty has something great to offer to the gaming market: a different artstyle, a modernized game (engine), a focus on personalisation and ofcourse, not a money grab.

But why am I writing this now and why here? For the future I would like to elaborate more on development using written updates. I don't find Discord to be the perfect place for that for some reason. I hope my way of community-driven development helps become Flatty great and I think communication is an important part of that.

So what's going on with Flatty's development right now? First of all, a migration from MySQL to MSSQL happened behind to scenes to be more cost effective on Azure. Running the test server for the last year and a half has been quite the costly affair. Not a problem at all, but then again, shaving off costs helps! The next version on the test server should be for testing that migration.

Another important part is an extension of what Flatty is supposed to be. Right now the foundation of furniture, flat building and trading is there. The economy could theoretically flourish like that. But it would be nice to build upon that with minigames. And preferably skill-based minigames. This would allow Flatty's to challenge each other on skill based puzzle/game challenges. Using a ranked/ladder system and hosting automated tournaments would be a way to keep you entertained, but also to distribute furniture without spending money. This is something I'm currently working on and I hope to show results as soon as possible. My idea is to start with one puzzle and see where that takes us based on given feedback.

I'm aiming for a first official release that would wipe the test server for the end of this year. I'll be working hard and I hope you'll continue to support me throughout our journey together.

And as always, feedback is welcome about everything. Don't hesitate to join the Discord and drop it!

- Mayor

Flatty is in Early Development!

We have launched successful public test runs. Want to join us for the next one? Join the Discord to be notified when it happens.

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News & Updates

Dev update #1

So.. Habbo Origins happened!

Our second playtest!

A second playtest will be organized 3th of February at 7 PM CET!