Flatty is a free-to-play 2D online social platform for creating, trading and playing with friends!

  • Tony: Hello!
  • twinkle: Ready to build!
  • Mayor: Welcome to Flatty! I hope you're excited to build your own flat!
  • cat: Who wants to go for a swim?
  • SODA: Check out my flat, I'm sure you'll be impressed!
  • pickle132: Woohoo! It's party time!

Our second playtest!

As announced in the Discord a second playtest will be held! After the last playtest in December lots of changes have been made to the game. The patch notes can currently be found in the Discord as that is where most of the community members hang around during development right now. During the last playtest we hit a peak online count of 15 players and it would be great to break that record today!
- Mayor

Flatty is in Early Development!

We have launched successful public test runs. Want to join us for the next one? Join the Discord to be notified when it happens.

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News & Updates

Dev update #1

So.. Habbo Origins happened!

Our second playtest!

A second playtest will be organized 3th of February at 7 PM CET!